Stinzenplanten’ are spring flowers at historic locations that grow semi-wild in some historic landscape gardens and do not grow in the wild in the area where these gardens or parks are located. These plants flower from February till mid-May. Most species are not native to the Netherlands. Friesland is well known for the Stinzenplants. A ride through the wide open Frysian countryside or in the sheltered areas of the Frysian hedgerow landscape brings you to beautiful country estates, picturesque villages with ‘Staten and Stinzen’ and other historic houses with parks. A ‘Stins’ is a medieval tower in Fryslân to protect the people who lived on a ‘terp’, an artificial mound. Later on these Stinzen were expanded and more comfortable to live in. Then they were called a ‘State’. Online the Stinzenflora-monitor keeps you informed weekly on where which Stinzenplants bloom.

Stinzenflora-monitor: average flowering time.

Flowering time can be different depending on the weather and local circumstances. Actual information: the Calendar on this website.