Winter Aconites, Snowdrops and Snowflakes in the background at Philippusfenne, Kollum.

Winter Aconites, Snowdrops, and Snowflakes in the background at Philippusfenne, Kollum.

The prominent notary’s house was built in 1847 by Daniel Hermannus Andreae and is located in the village center of Kollum.

Behind the house is a very beautiful English style landscape garden laid out in the same period as the house, probably designed by the 19th century landscape architect Roodbaard. The park garden is approx. 1.5 ha and has many beautiful old trees, a pond and a rich Stinzenflora. The spring flora, in particular the Snowdrops, the Winter Aconites and the Bulbous Corydalis, but also the variety of other types of Stinzenplants make this park garden very special. The Spring Snowflakes and Summer Snowflakes bloom in groups, as does the Dog鈥檚 Tooth Violet. The Glory-of-the-snow colours the park, while the Wild tulip and Snake鈥檚 Head Fritillary flourish in their own biotope.

Visiting address:
Voorstraat 87
9291CE Kollum
+31 (0) 511 451461
Visit: in March and April only by telephone appointment with the Lutz family.
Public transport: see the website.