Martenastate and park, Koarnjum.

Martenastate and park, Koarnjum. Photo: Sjoerd Hogerhuis.

Martenastate is a (former) ‘State’ (distinguished historic house) surrounded by a canal and ponds and an English style landscape park. The original State was demolished in 1899 and replaced by a small distinguished house in neo-Renaissance style. The building is not accessible, the park is freely accessible.

With its very rich variety of Stinzenplants it is considered as one of the richest Stinzenflora Estates of FryslĂąn. Species that are very common are: Snowdrop, Dutch crocus, Bulbous Corydalis, Yellow Anemone, Wild tulip, Double Meadow Saxifrage, Lords-and-Ladies (Adders tongue, Arum maculatum).

The estate also includes a burial mound with graves of noble residents, where Stinzenplants are also present, and a nature camping site.

Visiting address:
access next to Martenawei 2
9056PE Koarnjum
+31 (0) 58 2575135
Bus 60 or 54 from Leeuwarden, stop Weg naar Koarnjum, or bus 72 or 73, stop Koarnjum
Parking: car park available.
Free access
For activities and tours see the website