Jongemastate, Raerd.

Bulbous Corydalis at Jongemastate, Raerd. Photo: It Fryske Gea.

The Jongemastate house no longer exists. The nice historic entrance gate is still there. Around the former ‘State’ (distinguished historic house) is a beautiful park forest with a rich Stinzenflora surrounded by water. The site is freely accessible. After the Snowdrops and the Winter Aconites, the Spring Snowflakes, Bulbous Corydalis, Bird in a bush, Wild tulips and the extravagant Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialism) also flourish.

Visiting address: Bus 94 from Sneek, stop Raerderhoek.
Slotsdyk (corner / corner Snitserdyk)
9012 DV Raerd
+31 (0) 512 381448 [It Fryske Gea]
Free access
Parking: at sports park at the beginning of Raerd